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From my experience with power banks, Anker makes the most reliable. RAVPower and Aukey will offer similar capacity or form factor for less, but from my years of use, the Anker ones maintain quality over a long period of time much better than the other brands. The cheaper ones tend to charge more slowly or seem to lose capacity as they age. I have one in my commuter bag that's a few years old and only supports QC2, but I see no reason to upgrade it because it's in great shape and charges quickly enough for my needs.

If you're always chasing the latest hotness and need a power bank that does QC4/USB-PD right now, then Aukey and RAVPower will probably work well enough. But I've started pushing my family to get Anker (or buying for them as stocking stuffers) simply so that they all have something they can hold onto without having to worry about having to rotate out every year.

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