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Are you based in the US? Can’t say much about that then but if you’d be in Germany I would advise you to pick a craft like heating technician (Heizungsbauer), electrician or plumber: Due to the demographic change and the government efforts pushing more and more people to study instead of doing an apprenticeship there are fewer and fewer qualified people around that are able to fix our heating, plumbing or wiring. In Germany (and many other countries) these areas are also regulated so if you made it through your apprenticeship you are somewhat protected from too much competition, which is a nice advantage to e.g. being a programmer where everyone with a computer and some coding skills can compete with you. Also, heating systems and electric appliances are not going away anytime soon and they regularly break, so you have pretty much guaranteed business.

I’ve heard from many friends that have extreme difficulty finding someone to e.g. redo their roof or tile their floor as most professionals can just afford to wait for large, extremely lucrative jobs instead due to the high demand overhang. Single gigs can be in the ballpark of 50 to 100 thousand €, with hourly rates in excess of 100 € not being uncommon. Easily beats the going rate for developers here (which is around 80 € / hour).

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