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> Isn't it already? VR isn't huge, but it's definitely non-zero and there's a plausible case to be made for more growth in the forseeable future. AR appears to be indistinguishable from zero right now

What are we considering AR and VR here? Pokémon Go is an AR game and seems to have a player base that’s several times larger than the playerbase of every existing VR game lumped together.

It's just anecdotal but everyone I know who play Pokémon Go has disabled AR. I used it for a few minutes until I realized that playing the game is much easier with AR disabled. Pokémon Go isn't really an "AR game". It is a mobile game which has an optional AR feature.

More anecdotes: https://www.reddit.com/r/TheSilphRoad/comments/9ic3pq/survey...

Sure but I'd argue the success of Pokemon Go is not because of AR but in spite of AR.

I am very skeptical people play Pokemon Go for it's AR integration considering other AR games aren't nearly as popular and frankly the gameplay itself is pretty poor.

Pokemon Go seems popular because it's Pokemon on mobile.

And the game is also unplayable until you turn the AR off, unless you love wasting all your Pokéballs because one arm can't quite flick the balls in the right direction while the other arm awkwardly holds the phone just so.

It seems he was specifically referring to wearables in this context:

> More useful for our founder readers may be Andreessen’s predictions around tech and, because he’s asked about them specifically, his predictions when it comes to wearables

I think it’s fair to assume headsets.

Pokémon go is AR, but it’s value prop is not visual digital content overplayed on the digital world, despite sort of having it

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