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Anker (the company whose product is profiled) is also run by Chinese people.

Which proves absolutely nothing, of course. But it is consistent with how this sort of thing might happen. Companies often hire someone from their own country to do stuff for them.

EDIT: I think people have not understood what I'm saying here. I'm not trying to imply anything bad about Anker. I'm trying to explain what the comment two levels above mine may have been implying. The fact that this site is Chinese isn't a refutation of the scenario they're suggesting, it's part of it. (On a side note, I charged my phone on an Anker charger last night.)

I thought it was started by some Xooglers. Obviously, the products are coming from China, and I imagine a lot of the design work is done there, now.

After its launch, the emphasis seemed to be a decent level of quality, i.e. it will actually be what it says on the tin. The specs we provide, it will conform to.

Which has led me to turn to Anker products in order to get a "known quality."

Has this changed?

Wikipedia suggests that it was a singular xoogler, but other than that this aligns with what I know to be true. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anker_(electronics)

I'm certainly not aware of any change. I continue to regard Anker as a reputable brand which seems to try to offer good quality products at a budget price.

I'm just playing devil's advocate here. Someone advanced a theory that it could be "submarine advertisement", another person said the explanation is just that the site is Chinese, and I said that doesn't refute the notion. I'm not trying to defend that position; I'm just trying to keep the reasoning sound once that the exploration of that hypothetical has started.

> once that the exploration

There's a lot of clunky grammar in your post. Maybe it's a submarine advertisement?

See how ridiculous it is to assume grammar errors imply nefarious ends? You're not playing devil's advocate, you're backing up a crackpot statement.

I'm not backing anybody up. If someone tries to refute a crackpot but their refutation doesn't make logical sense, then their refutation doesn't make logical sense. If I point this out, it doesn't mean I support the crackpot.

Logic and rational discourse are not a game where there are only two sides, and a statement against one is automatically a statement in support of the other.

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