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Firefox 64, MacOS 10.14

I've noticed bugs such as the new tab button stops working (command-t still works though), child tabs not being promoted to top-level tabs when their parent is closed and a few other strange cases of tree state corruption. Particularly it sometimes happens when dragging tabs around to reparent them, although I haven't been able to nail down any concrete rhyme or reason to it. My other extensions are umatrix, ublock origin and tampermonkey, I don't think there is any strange extension interaction going on.

Despite all of this, TST is still too useful to not use.

I'm kind of curious if the other user also uses mac and its an issue that firefox needs better mac support. I recall in a similar thread on hacker news others recounting having had a bad experience with firefox on mac.

Have you tried submitting a bug report to the author of TST maybe they don't have a mac and could use more feedback.

Linux on the newest kernel with Intel and Windows 10. Nightly and stable Firefox.

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