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I think a lot of these superlatives are highly debatable, starting with the photography where Google and Huawei are currently leaders. For biometrics, for example, I prefer fingerprint readers over facial recognition and I'm not the only one. Newer Android phones are also coming with 3D facial recognition and sell for half the price, eg Xiaomi Mi 8. WRT CPUs, that's great that they're very fast but there's barely any software that uses that to the max, the same way practically every iPad Pro review complains that the A12X is held back by iOS.

On top of that, iPhones have suffered negative press about battery life and slowdowns from new OS updates -- iOS 12 fixes this but a lot of people may have been soured by the iOS 11 experience.

Android facial recognition implementations are a poor joke. There was an article on here a few weeks ago where someone tricked all(?) of them using a 3d-printed head: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=18693738. Apparently the OnePlus implementation can still be fooled with a printed selfie.

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