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You can work on a bakery, waiter, cleaner, sales and a lot of other jobs. Even if you are an introvert, there will be a job for you.

But I don't believe tech is going away. You better work on getting this anxiety away, you were probably thinking "oh shit, things are going down because there are too much clowns getting funding and giving web dev projects that makes no money for them and go bankrupt". I did that frequently, maybe you also did, I'm just trying to view things from your perspective.

The other side of the story is that for every 100 clowns, there is 1 that succeeds and controls a whole industry. Programming will be well paid for a while. Most of the people can't/won't even learn how to program or be willing to do it to earn a living, no matter how good it pays.

Consider actually learning other platform, such as systems engineering/mobile etc. That will definitely help you out with that.

Even if you would help people writing VBA functions in Excel you could make money. There are a lot of old people making 6-7 figures that can't open a PDF. Remember that. The economic and the system as today, isn't going away. There will always be banks, politicians and entrepreneurs creating jobs and keeping people busy.

As long as you are willing to work, you will do just fine.

  But I don't believe tech is going away.
Tech doesn't need to 'go away' for the likes of us to have a bad time. All we need is a repeat of the 2000 dot-com bubble bursting.

In that case, companies with solid products at good prices still went bankrupt, as the customers-of-their-customers had trouble and demand for their products dried up; and as investors were spooked out of the entire sector. The damage wasn't limited to the likes of pets.com!

I don't know anybody who became UNEMPLOYABLE at that time.

Sure, you might need to work under some bad conditions or take a pay cut, but that is just life. For who has great experience shit shovelling their whole life, this is nothing. For those who doesn't and can't take a crisis, they wouldn't be able to take it in any field of work.

I think there will be always well-paid work for people who are analytical, maybe you need to start over on another field, but it isn't that bad. Idk really, anything could happen, but as soon as I look around, I'm usually the most employable person ever, can speak a few languages, can do a lot of stuff, IT, development, I welcome new opportunities and things, can deal with money well and has my whole life studied finance.

I think for a lot of people on our field it is like this. I actually would appreciate if we would have a crisis, because that would be definitely the time I would be able to take part in those businesses that grow on those times and end up being huge. At the present there is a lot of shitty companies with huge valuations and providing nothing, crisis are good because they really shake the status quo and those who think outside of the box get out of it much better than if everything was perfect.

Think positive.

I second the idea of diversifying your platform skillset. Not only with it future-proof you as a developer, it will give you a better comprehension of computer science that will aid you in your current career.

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