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I was really dubious about the notch design when the X was released, just as I was with dropping the home button and TouchID. However, I got to the point recently of my old iPhone 6 constantly being out of storage, so I upgraded to an XR.

FaceID has blown me away with how good it is, I’d say the success rate for identifying me is better than TouchID was. Doesn’t matter if my phone is sitting at an awkward angle in a cradle, or I’m outside in the rain with wet hands, it’ll usually get me first time.

As for the notch, generally I don’t notice it. If anything it’s kind of nice getting a little extra vertical screen space and having the clock/status tucked away where the bezel used to be. Some people complain about it getting in the way when things are full screen, but by default video and the like doesn’t expand all the way out to the edges, at which point I have basically the same size display as I did with the iPhone 6. The notch is only going to take a chunk out of what you’re watching if you explicitly request that, or if the app you’re using has been built in a way which ignores guidance from the OS on the safe area for displaying UI.

btw, iPhone X useable 16:9 screen space is about 5.2" so it's definitely more than the usual 4.7" of the iPhone 5S / 6 / 7 / 8.

I don't disagree with your points. I eventually found out that the screen is just too small for my taste. I'll buy the XS Max when I am able; or I might wait for the next generation because I still hope Apple goes USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 finally.

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