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There were phones with slightly larger top/bottom bezels than these and they still managed to even have dual front-facing speakers as well.

I'd say even 5-10mm of bezel is a good thing, because it helps those with large fingers to hold the phone without fouling the screen.

(Bezels used to be wide for technical reasons; but now that they don't need to be for that reason, it's necessary to consider whether there are other reasons they should remain.)

I've seen a few Nokia and Xiaomi devices in the local stores lately with very slick and small bezel designs. And they still manage to have everything needed (sadly no dual front-facing speakers).

I also looked at an XS Max yesterday for the first time. The notch is reduced compared to an X; not by much but it's definitely less.

I realize many people buy X / XS / XS Max for the bezel-less form factor but I wish us the others (who like rectangular screens and don't mind some bezels) actually had a choice of a high-end iPhone.

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