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I don't understand the issue with the notch. You either have a notch or a full bezel....

That's exactly the issue with the notch, it serves no particular purpose other than allowing 'more screen.'

Does losing 5mm at the top the screen to bezel really affect user experience when the phones are huge anyway?

If not, why make it break the display uniformity and separate notification icons...

Have you ever tried reading the economist? Lots of sites have stupid amounts of banners.

Having more vertical space also makes it easier to scan my emails or akik an article. It is absolutely worth it.

Those are fixed via a small bookmarklet (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bookmarklet):

javascript:(function () { var i,elements=document.querySelectorAll('body *'); for (i=0;i<elements.length;i++) { if (getComputedStyle(elements[i]).position==='fixed' || getComputedStyle(ele elements[i].parentNode.removeChild(elements[i]); } } })();

Put that in a bookmark (it will be all one long line in the bookmark URL field), run it on the page with the banners, the banners disappear (at least in Firefox on Android). YMMV on iOS/Safari.

I mean yeah... you gain a solid 25px of screen real estate. The 2 corners on the notch can be used for notification center, etc.

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