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I agree. The notch simply does not look premium at all. It's the kind of design decision you would see in lower-end phones as a compromise.

The fact that so many Android OEMs followed suit surprised me. The usual chinese iPhone clones going along with it? Sure! But so many 'reputable' companies went for it, it's just incomprehensible.

Anecdotally I just can't imagine someone preferring a notch to no notch (as long as the bezels aren't massive on the alternative). What kind of data were the Android OEMs looking at when they made that decision? Or did they not look at any data at all and simply go with "we better follow Apple on this, just in case".

Anecdotally I prefer the notch to a bezel that would take up the same amount of space.

Vast majority of the time, I don't notice the notch. I like the way the 'done' button floats in the upper real estate when modifying apps (wiggle mode).

I would prefer a phone that's a pure wall-of-glass and manages somehow to also have FaceID, and I'm pretty sure Apple would as well but can't manufacture it.

Xiaomi's new phone is something like that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HCcP0YexTU&feature=youtu.be...

Neat, would you mind sharing the model name?

I lack the patience (and at the moment, bandwidth) for most video.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

It has a slide-out front camera. So when you are not using the selfie camera, there is no notch and no large bezel. (It does look like the bottom bezel is a bit larger than the top and side bezels, though)


The screen looks gorgeous, I personally will never again own a phone with moving parts of any sort so that's a deal-breaker for me. I'm glad there's still experimentation happening in the space, too many Androids just jump off the same bridge as Apple.

Then you might be interested in the Vivo Nex Dual Display. It has a smaller screen at the back which means that there is not need for a front camera. It comes with neat little features such as the people whose picture is being taken being able to see themselves (and pose) while someone is taking their picture:


> Or did they not look at any data at all and simply go with "we better follow Apple on this, just in case".

It looks that way and it looked that way for years. What a shame.

There are still devices with good designs out there -- Sony, Nokia and Xiaomi mostly come to mind -- but the general trend has been "let's all add a notch".


samsung? They have skipped the notch.

Yes but subjectively, I don't like their designs at all. Especially the screen that curves outward, that has been an endless frustration when I had my S7 Edge a few years ago.

I'll say LG's V10 and V20 phones had notches before notches. I still use my V20 myself, and it's interesting to see it how LG went about it. It's huge as a notch, and that allows them a bit more customization in it: it's pretty much an extra widget area, and has a separate backlight from the main screen allowing it to be always on.

And then after that they go with the standard notch everyone else has, and you lose the extra features. Still I do prefer my V40 which has a standard notch as the extra screen space is nice every time I switch back and forth between these phones. The V40 is even slightly smaller than the V20, but with the huge edge to edge screen, doesn't feel like it.

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