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There's a similar, though not quite as good, Chrome extension called Sidewise. Unfortunately Chrome itself is not as extensible as Firefox so there are issues in Sidewise, the most glaring being that the list of tabs appears in a separate window and Sidewise snaps its position and layout to match your Chrome window using some heuristics.

All that said, just use Firefox. It's a much better experience and after Quantum it's on par with Chrome in terms of UI performance.

Sidewise... I already tried it, and it is nothing more than a bad hack... I guess we'll never get that.

Firefox has worse performance than Chrome and I don't trust Mozilla, so unfortunately using Firefox is not an option for me.

What lead you to trust Google more than Mozilla or even put them in the same level of trustworthiness?

The decisions taken by the Mozilla Corporation for the past years make them look like they've completely lost control of themselves. I don't feel like I can trust them at all. I don't want to know what they are going to pull off next week, so I've decided they won't execute any more code on my machine.

> I don't trust Mozilla

Well you gotta pick your poison. It's either them or Google. To be honest, "poison" is too harsh. Mozilla has done a few stupid things, but they're far more trustworthy than other Internet players.

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