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Since you're at 500 items in your queue, something about your workflow is obviously broken.

Either you spend too much time looking for new things to add to the queue, too little time processing the queue, both of the above, or you cast too wide a net for what you might possibly read one day.

Judgemental, are we ? 500 would be a low end for me. My avg hovers around 8 to 9 hundred. You probably dont understand his workflow and requirements. Let me guess they are likely different from yours.

800 to 900 unprocessed items in your incoming queue of items you want to read/view?

If you can knock one off every day you've got two and a half year's worth of items in your queue that you haven't even looked at yet? This is on top of all the things you are already consuming as part of your work or for leisure and at the same time assuming you don't add more things to the queue.

That's madness, and I don't care if you call me judgmental.

It is unreasonable to have that many items in your to-read queue. Stop adding things or start reading things faster (or better yet, both!)

Well I knock off a more than one. You do realize that length of a queue may be totally orthogonal to throughput.

And oh I sure have looked at them, but havent grokked them. Once I do that or I come back to them again and again then they get bumped to a bookmark. Lets say they are part of my job and leisure, sometimes I lose track which is which.

Think generational garbage collection. Tabs and bookmarks are the different generations. I still like tabs better as they preserve more context.

Btw some jobs require more researching than others. Regarding "madness" yes I agree.

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