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> Ilfak Guilfanov and Hex-Rays are known to be picky about their clients.

This was mostly to combat piracy, as far as I was aware–I doubt that there is any nationalistic or moral reasons behind it. So I don't see this being a major issue in this case.

Sure thing, but who can guarantee they won't come with their own reason not to sell it next time, other than a background check? The mere fact they differentiate between clients and are non-domestic could probably be enough for a national intelligence service to view them as unreliable, and to develop their own alternative to a vital tool.

Did that ever work? Even after finally buying a license I would pirate it when I couldn't find my license info and I don't think I've ever had trouble finding the latest version.

No idea; it's possible that Ilfak has kept you on a list internally and is waiting for you to annoy him sufficiently for him to activate a remote kill-switch ;)

Honestly, I'm semi-confident that he does this just because he can…

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