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Open Source has been the plan for many years. It has been a long process, starting with determining which parts can be declassified. The current deal is some sort of FOUO, with government contractors able to run copies on non-networked computers but without all the extra high-security stuff.

This will be some interesting competition for IDA Pro, Binary Ninja (binja), and Hopper Disassembler. People with access to GHIDRA have been avoiding it because they prefer to develop skills with software that can be used at all employers, but soon that thinking will favor GHIDRA. IDA Pro is a few thousand dollars, and the other choices are a few hundred dollars.

Throwing r2 Cutter in the mix..

Radare as a project has some issues that may prevent it from having a large contributor base.

Oh, what issues?

The existence of this repository, for example https://github.com/radare/r2hate

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