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The law and personal morality, the same thing that stops almost all immoral actions in society.

The revealed track record of the various three-letter-agencies in the past decade does not vote in their favor in this case.

I don’t think their track record shows them caring enough about money that they’d break the law to do it. Sure they’ll happily break civil liberties laws or laws regarding assassinating foreign politicians and the like, but that is because those can’t be solved by simply spending more.

Track record of software piracy?

I don't think it's quite "the law and personal morality" as much as it is "not my money to pay for the licenses, whereas I might get fired, pay a fine, or go to jail if I give the direction to steal the software."

In the same way, it's not my personal morality or the law that prevents me from stealing the supplies my company needs in order to help my employer cut costs or burning down the buildings of our rivals. Those things wouldn't help me personally but they expose me to lots of risk. That the law and morality agree with self interest is a happy coincidence.

That's not how it works. Big people get away with breaking big rules, but little people do not get away with breaking little rules.

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