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Useful commentary from /u/hash_define on /r/ReverseEngineering:


> "Useful commentary from /u/hash_define on /r/ReverseEngineering:"

I would say that a lot of the GH/IDA differences probably come down to UI and usability. Most of the tooling in the RE world today is lacking in those spaces. The software simply isn't "comfortable" or intuitive enough to work with. Be it IDA/olly/windbg/radare, they're all desperately lacking a proper, solid UI. The good news is, most of them support a plugin/extension architecture - so in theory, most of the features GH provides could've ended up as an IDA plugin - so that the researchers receive the best of both worlds.

Um, I'd expect IDA to have a better UI, being a paid commercial tool as opposed to an internal tool for the intelligence community.

Not that I know anything about Ghidra yet.

Wow, having better typing support is a really big deal. A lot of data layout is just put ad hoc into IDA comments because their struct labeling is trash.

Note, this comment could really use the context option: https://www.reddit.com/r/ReverseEngineering/comments/ace2m3/...

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