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"a pipeline is a real application which consists of at least one function"

So.... every application is a pipeline? This really clears very little up for someone not already familiar with the concept. The Jenkins link is about testing and deploying code. Is that the intended use case for this tool as well?

I think they meant it is a replacement for existing CI/CD pipelines. As someone who deals with them every day, I like the simplicity of Gaia pipelines. But it seems it only supports running on the host that Gaia is installed on, whereas Jenkins and Gitlab CI will have the ability to run on multiple agents/build slaves.

Edit: gRPC for events is dope too.

It can be used as an replacement for existing CI/CD tools but not exclusive. In my opinion Gaia can be used for every possible automation task. :-)

We are already working on "agents/build slaves" (we call them worker): https://github.com/gaia-pipeline/gaia/issues/107

Very cool. Will definitely keep an eye on your progress.

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