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> but somehow missed that on our webpage.

Every web page I've ever seen that looks like yours has had the same problem.

You are right. Often I'm so drown in what I'm doing that I lose the overview. I will do better in the future!

for what its worth: i'm the target audience (devops engineer) and understood it within moments of opening your landing page...

And after looking at the gif, i resolved myself to take a look in a few weeks for a personal project.

I'm however missing an excerpt about the developer/-s of this project.

Who is building it and why? how likely is development to be abandoned? is there paid support available or planned in the short term?

from what i could tell from the contributors its pretty much a solo endeavour from you, with some help from @skarlso in June/July. Are you planning to create a GmbH and sell this as a product, or is this just a personal project you're doing on the side?

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