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My posts are all about teaching, as opposed to more research-oriented academic labor.

> $90k (9 month salary) is the bottom 10th percentile for a starting assistant professor in CS.

That's only because your data includes professors at R1s and also not including instructors at R1s. This is doubly misleading, since those professors you are including spend most of their time on research and those instructors you aren't including are the ones doing the bulk of the teaching.

And outside of R1, 90k is damn good for ast professors.

If you are teaching for a living, as opposed to doing research, $90k is in the upper 10th percentile at the asst prof rank, and $100k is a ceiling for tippy-top candidates at the asst prof rank.

> $200k (9 month) is the 90th percentile for a full professor with 16+ years.

...and is also bottom 10th percentile for wet-behind-the-top- ears top 10 PhDs, who don't have 16+ years experience on top of their 5+ year phd...

> This obviously varies by school and region, but $60k-$70k is what you would expect for an instructor at a very low rank school, which is not a position PhDs from top universities would be applying for.

Sure, but outside of top 10 $150k is still pretty typical industry salary for phds.

The same problem exists at every scale.

Your assertion is also fairly confusing; lots of smart people decide to teach at places where they can have the greatest impact, which is typically not a large-endowment private school...

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