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It would help if the MBP were actually a professional level device instead of being a souped-up, hyper-expensive consumer laptop.

That would mean more ports, a higher minimum spec, and the ability to upgrade the internals. The touchbar could be dropped entirely, it’s really just a marketing gimmick.

The lack of touchbar (retaining the touchID login) is one of the reasons I'm digging the latest MB Air. The ports issue... I'm not sure if Apple will ever resolve that.

How's the screen? I've heard it's less bright than the MBP.

I mean you could compare the figures for the nits but, as an example, I feel like my retinas are burning off at 100% brightness.

And MagSafe. Please bring back MagSafe.

I agree it should be an option, but I do really like being able to use one connector to satisfy all my charging, keyboarding, mousing, videoing, sounding, and other peripheraling needs.

A MagSafe-like magnetic connector that spoke USB 3.1 or whatever Type C uses would be perfection and would make me seriously consider buying a modern Mac.

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