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Properly structured assemblies should only download incremental dependencies.

Perhaps an RFC is required for secure background updates.

Do actually ever notice your regular mobile apps updating? I don't. It happens automatically in the background when I'm connected to Wifi. If anything, mobile apps are worse as I don't control the time of the download at all.

It's not just updates. Having to install a one-time use app to book an airline or hotel reservation is a dated concept.

So you want developers to support a platform where their app is used only once?!? I think they'd prefer native 100x over web applications for that reason alone!

A simple web app is sufficient for most online transactions today. Even better if that web app can directly access GPU and interact with the hardware more natively using Javascript.

Nothing for the end user to install. Just use the next-gen mobile browser.

You haven't addressed the business case. The business case for a web app is terrible compared to natively installed app store app.

And certainly Apple has no incentive to give web applications more abilities to access the GPU and hardware so it's moot point anyway. It's a fantasy.

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