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Of course they focused on the iPhone. As a corporation you can't blame them, focusing on that market led to them becoming the most profitable company in the history of capitalism on the planet Earth, to say that a publicly traded company should not have done that is basically economically insane (or at best naive). It is problematic, however, because in many ways the earning of massive profits was almost too easy, and that's led to a significant degree of laziness in the industry. Worse, the combination of massive profits and consolidation means that there are lots of plenty viable markets and customers who aren't being well served at present. Because the talent and capability to do so is locked up in these megacorps who can't be bothered to pay attention because they are drowning in money from the mobile devices business. There is a similar problem at google where the vast majority of the company's revenue comes in from search ads, rendering everything else the company does (even if it's important, even if it represents the foundation of a multi-billion dollar business) basically "for funsies" in comparison.

I think perhaps the Dutch East India company was the most profitable company in history. But yeah, they have done very well.

Most "valuable", certainly, especially at the height of the speculative bubble, but in terms of actually generating net positive cash flow from ongoing revenues?

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