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Here's an idea on how to make billions selling a product in a market that seems in decline.

1) Take the latest Macbook Pro

2) Remove the Touchbar, add back F row buttons and ports.

3) Replace the LCD with a 4K OLED display with thin bezels

It is that easy.

Agreed, they basically need to reverse direction:

1. Remove the touchbar 2. Bring back magsafe 3. Bring back the old keyboard

You're right about the screen bezels but I think it being a touchscreen is more important than OLED. That's basically standard on other laptops now.

I dont care about touching the screen. I care about it emitting as little light as possible.

Dark theme + OLED would be glorious for coding and battery life.

I'd suggest replacing the LCD with a touchscreen model so the touchbar can appear at the bottom of the display. This would please the handful of users who'd miss it otherwise, and anyone who'd gone out of their way to develop an interface for the touchbar wouldn't feel that their work had gone to waste.

A touchscreen could also be a step toward being able to run iOS apps on Macs. I wouldn't claim this last piece is easy, but it could be a huge win if done right.

Apple should should make iPhones and Macs work so seamlessly together that they feel like different hardware extensions of the same device. Say, starting an application like FaceTime on one device and shifting it to the other without breaking the session. (Maybe they can do this already? If not, they should.) Again, not easy, but Apple has the resources to pull it off, and if they nail the execution they could boost the value of both product lines.

Also, greater memory options in their higher end Macs. Obviously most people don't need 64 gigs of RAM on their laptops, but for those who do, Apple should be working hard to make a Mac their first choice.

For lower end Macs, include a dongle with USB 3.0, Ethernet and 3.5mm audio jacks in the base package. It wouldn't cost that much to produce and it would give people peace of mind that their old peripherals will still work out of the box.

EDIT: Oh, and fix the keyboard. They need to set a standard for keyboard quality and typing comfort and accommodate that standard. If it means making their laptops a few millimeters thicker then so be it.

Even if they revised the MBP to be everything people want on these forums, it still would not make a dent in the problem mentioned in this article (how they can grow beyond the iPhone era). There aren't enough people buying computers and many people buying the Mac really have no issue with the Touch Bar at all. If Tim Cook said that the Mac was going to be their future growth engine, he would be laughed at.

For the record, I hate the Touchbar, but I still see no suitable option in place of Mac. Linux on the desktop is still not there and Windows is atrocious (I use it for my gaming PC, but that's it).

Another suggestion:

1) Take the latest iPhone XS

2) Give it a better camera

3) Make it iPhone-SE sized, get rid of the huge display crop

4) Include 5G support

You might as well ask for wings on it. So far 5G phones have to be extremely big and ungainly as they need antennas facing in numerous directions.

(and there is a large percentage of the population that prefers larger screen phones).

There is also a large percentage that prefers smaller screen phones. I know that 5G tech isn't there yet, I didn't mean it has to be today, more like within a year or two.

A year or two is what’s being developed today.

The XS camera isn't bad, but it does seem ridiculous that it takes worse portraits than the XR.

Thats not super suprising. I still recall my Samsung i997 if I recall correctly, from 2010. It made better looking, more vivid crisp and detailed photos than newest iPhone X does today. And got very decent photos with limited natural light. All iPhones gave up immediately the moment you dim or turn the lights off.


I'm sorry, but I don't think that image is as crisp and clear as what a modern iPhone, Android, or any other modern smartphone produces in a similarly lit situation.

All small sensor-ed cameras, give up when lights get dim. Even some 35mm cameras have a hard time in low light situations. This problem is barely being solved with some of the computational photography that the Pixel does. Why? Physics of light collection on tiny image sensors.

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