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You still need proper machines to develop for those phones though, and since Apple requires Macs for it, they really should of never neglected their computer market. I am pretty damn sure if they hadn't we'd have seen a lot more Macs all throughout. Now we're seeing plenty of dedicated Mac users jump ship to Linux or even Windows 10.

I think you misunderstood the parent comments point. “PCs aren’t making a comeback” doesn’t mean they disappear entirely. It means that they’ve now been relegated to niche use cases, like the ones you point out.

Not only have mobile phones cannibalized the “a PC on every desk” for people at home, they’ve expanded to “a computer in every pocket”.

Dedicated iOS developers are by definition, not abandoning Macs and “Creatives” are not flocking to Linux.

Even if other developers are leaving Mac (and the numbers don’t support that) and if Apple could have grown Mac sales by (an unrealistic) 50%, it still wouldn’t have made a noticeable change in their profitability.

The vast majority of the world consumes content only — doesn’t even touch an IDE, hence the proported shift away from PCs in the first place.

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