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I know that growth is obviously important, and Apple has had bigger quarters, but estimating $84 billion of revenue with a 38% gross margin in a SINGLE quarter is wild.

It is important for share price speculators

The company itself is okay of course

People that overbid its shares will not be

Seconded. Apple under Tim Cook can't invent interesting new things any longer, only play MBAish games with prices. But the company is fine.

Apple's greatest innovation might be that it leaves a bunch of Wall Street fools out of jobs. Does an economy need as many people predicting quarterly iPhone shipments to speculate on stock price as it takes to actually design said iPhone?

And employees who count on stock options in their financial plans will not be happy.

Correct, employees of liquid publicly traded companies should get restricted stock units or restricted stock awards

Stock options holders simply wont exercise, and can buy shares for cheaper in the ESPP window

Too bad about the time used in the best years of their lives though, better to optimize that with better negotiation

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