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Let's also remember "regulatory backlash" can mean something that threatens the personal safety and freedom of a company's employees in that country.

When talking about censorship in these places, we should consider the ethical ramifications of possibly getting someone 'disappeared' for non-compliance.

>the ethical ramifications of possibly getting someone 'disappeared' for non-compliance...

Given recent events vis-a-vis Saudi Arabia, I'm pretty sure that something a whole lot worse than being 'disappeared' happens to you. I hear the authorities there are not above using chainsaws to resolve the differences they might have with you.

Given that 'disappeared' is a euphemism for 'killed and disposed of', that depends on how much worse it is given in the end you still cease to exist on the most meaningful level.

Put another way, is it better if they feed you an exceptional mean before they kill you?

In the end, focusing on the how's instead of the why and the concrete fact they did is just a way for others to to manipulate people into feeling one way or another (or more of either) instead of just taking the hard line that it's unacceptable in any and every form.

Edit: to be clear, I'm not accusing you of manipulating people, just stating that it's just a common tactic in general.

Chainsaws will be your least problem in Saudi torture den (state prison). See Confessions of an Innocent Man: Torture and Survival in a Saudi Prison

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