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Show HN: 501c3 Free Election Campaign Platform for Local Candidates
7 points by rrivers 6 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite
OurSociety is a 501c3 non-profit based in NJ that developed a free campaign platform (beta) for local candidates. As a non-technical founder, I relied on outsourced development work and a team of volunteers to help drive efforts. We launched the platform in April of 2018 and today we've released our impact report of our first-year efforts:


* In 2018 77% of local candidates in New Jersey had no dedicated website or Facebook page about their campaign

* 50% of candidates had no online presence at all (No personal website or Facebook)

* 192 Citizen Users and 18 Candidate Users participated in our Beta launch

* Our Citizen Users were from 62 different municipalities across the state

* We believe that our findings demonstrate a genuine need to continue our efforts to open up access to local politics for New Jersey residents.

Beta Platform: http://beta.oursociety.org

Read the full Annual Report online here: https://www.oursociety.org/2018-annual-report/

Download the Annual Report in PDF format: https://oursociety.org/impact/OurSociety2018.pdf

Registration is open for Startup School 2019. Classes start July 22nd.

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