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> Once the designation is established, the returns on your Investment Profits (invested in both the open and closed markets) are tax-free, forever.

So it sounds like you'd be a fan of Trump's tax on university endowments? I was surprised it wasn't mentioned at all in your writeup. https://www.chronicle.com/article/A-Tax-on-Endowments-Became...

If OP's analysis is correct, will this new law help keep Ivy's tuition in check?

I wonder if we will see those school open a "sister school" which enrolls tens of thousands of students, with that school under the same endowment, so that they can remain under the threshold of $500k per student, while keeping the prestige of the original school intact?

Yeah it turns out that new regulations often lead to unexpected consequences, especially when the regulated entities are some of the most well-advised organizations in the world. I saw a lot of this in my prior life working at a big law firm as a tax lawyer.

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