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So if I’m a Georgia resident (which I am). Why would I pay the exorbitant tuition of MIT when I could pay 1/5 as much to go to the Georgia Tech and have basically the same average outcome?

In fact, I could pay even less and do the 2+3 program and go to an even cheaper school for the first two years and stay at home?


On the other hand, I graduated from a no name state school in the mid 90s and within three years I was sitting by people who went to “prestigious” schools making just as much as they were making with no student loan debt. My entire four year tuition was less than they spent in one year.

Your example is a one-person example. MIT grads on average earn $223k 10 years after graduation (1) while Georgia Tech grads earn $115k (2).

(1) - https://www.paysa.com/blog/harvard-vs-mit-which-tech-grads-m... (2) - https://www.ajc.com/news/education/this-how-much-alumni-geor...

My example included a citation for graduating seniors starting salaries.


Not that I’m disputing the 10 year salaries.

"Why would I pay the exorbitant tuition of MIT..."

According to the article, 58% of MIT students received aid (averaging to 2/3 of tuition (?)).

And anyone who meets the requirements to get into GT and is a resident of GA, would also meet the requirements of the GA HOPE scholarship and wouldn’t pay tuition at all.

GT is free for in-state residents? Neat.

All public colleges in GA are free for in state residents that meet the requirements of the HOPE scholarship. But for the most part, Hope scholarship requirements would be lower than GT admission requirements.

But it’s not 100% anymore. It’s actually 90% now.

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