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I have not yet read through all of this 2013 IRS Official ”College and Universities Compliance Project - Final Report”. However, nothing so far talks about tuition and 50% attending receiving financial aid. The 50% rule may be based more on 501c(3) spending at least 50% of their income on “their mission”.

This seems to be the latest legal reference with regard to colleges and universities retaining 501c(3) status.

> Of total endowment distribution, 56 percent were made for scholarships, awards, grants and/or loans in the amount of $3 million. 29 percent of total endowment distributions were made for general university operations in the amount of $3 million.


> Half of the systems reported that at least one of its five most highly paid employees received NCAA income.


A crucial distinction: Of total endowment distribution is VERY different from of total spending.

Tuition-dependent colleges and universities tend to look very different from their large endowment counterparts.

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