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I worked in a state university's accounting IT department, and one (not the only) factor is that most of the money in the budget was not money the president of the university had any say in spending. Most money, whether donations or from the state or the feds or anybody else, came in with strings attached. If I give you money on the condition you build a new stadium with it, you have to use it for that, you can't decide instead to renovate the building where Literature is taught, even though it is falling down. Any grant, government corporate or private, came with strings attached on what you were allowed to spend it on. And people like paying for new buildings, including sports, more than they like paying for upkeep.

Bellmont Hall (https://www.utrecsports.org/facilities/facility/bellmont-hal...) was allegedly paid for out of academic building funds.

It's the set of ramps up the west side of Darrel K. Royal Memorial Stadium.

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