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So olive oil?


Except in summer holidays, nobody does that.

I have spent 4 years in Andalucia, and a lot of people slept the siesta in Winter, on the higher parts, some of it were mountains' areas, at Jaen, Sevilla and Granada, on plain January, where it was pretty cold. ok it was working in the olive's fields time, so there was a fixed time for doing things system on place. Woman would stop picking olives and go to sleep. But many old spanish man slept the siesta too. Younger spanish man and foreign labor like me would go on the fields until the end of the working day.

LOL, I omitted the other situation, the one you describe of farms workers in rural areas, thinking nobody here would care and look what happened.

Probably I should have been more explicit, I find the concept of siestas so damn nice. I've spent about 6 months functioning like that and that was the happiest part of my life so far. Start day at 6am, do some work, get a rest at noon, be productive for the rest of the day and still have time for my social life

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