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It's not. Last week a fraud like that was in national news. But it was news precisely because it's unheard of. It seems the son has some mental problems, and had a Norman Bates setup.

The diet unfortunately is being abandoned by many. We're starting to see a children obesity problem.

Another factor could be the universal healthcare system. Also we still take decent care of our seniors.

I find Dr. Esselstyn's observations compelling - that the Mediterranean diet is really only a good diet because it is being compared to so many poor diets. In his analysis of many countries, it is oils in the diet which correspond to the cancers and heart disease which kill so many. Like so many other diets, I think we will look back at the Mediterranean diet and wonder how we could have been so foolish.

While other countries are adding the mediterranean diet more and more into their cultures, here around the mediterranean sea we are also improving and refining it with research!

I just read from Italians the same thing that I've been hearing in Spain for few years: do not burn your food, specially oil, since it's related to cancer.

The nice thing about the Mediterranean diet is that it's fairly easy to stick to and still have many delicious meals, compared to many others. It's no good having some perfect diet that nobody is actually going to follow.

Esselstyn might be right but he is just making a best guess. His science is terrible, one uncontrolled study of 18 patients.

But he did that study based on the data from many other countries. You are just addressing the small scale test he tried.

I guess you are right, the Mediterranean diet is terrible: all people following it are dying.

It still seems to be one of the best available though.

I hope you are right and medicine becomes more of an exact science.

Also we still take decent care of our seniors.

We do too (for a given value of decent). We are UK and you are probably JP(?)

Please don't assume I know where you come from - that cough right is generally reserved for Americans.

I'm Spanish and I thought it would be clear in context. Try to read my comment as an answer to the previous one.

> The diet unfortunately is being abandoned by many.

with soybean sauce and MSG used in so many dishes, I am afraid to say that the diet is never a good one to start with.

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