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I'm hoping for the same... I started down the rabbit hole of creating a mail server/client once. Regarding IMAP, all I can say is damn, that is a pain and I pretty much gave it all up. Smartermail is probably as close as I've seen to what I'd love to see as a more broad open-source product for mail. I just don't have the patience to wire together a half dozen systems, the maintenance and more to have working email...

I have one address hosted via outlook.com (relic from when they had a free tier for personal domains), and the bulk of email is via gmail. I have mail forwards in google domains for a few really old email addresses (just used it the other day to recover an old account). But for the most part, I would love to see some better personal mail options.

I've roughly looked at some of the mail in a box stuff, but I don't want all of DNS and the world for the domain controlled under my mail server.

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