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NCC: 64-bit C compiler (and preprocessor, assembler, linker, etc.) for AMD64 (github.com)
32 points by ingve 85 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

Don't be confused by "C" compiler. This is a K&R C compiler that can compile legacy programs from the 70s on x64 machines. Great for software archeology.

This serves a completely different purpose than GCC or CLang.

> BSD/64 (my port of pre-Reno 4.3BSD to Intel/AMD 64-bit desktops).

This is the interesting part here, a 64bit port of 4.3BSD!

To get a feel for the language, take a look at the source code (which is, naturally, written in K&R C). The compile times must be amazing - it would probably take something like a couple of seconds to rebuild the entire compiler using itself.

looks sweet, very nice project and example on how to implement some compiler architecture parts. awsome to go through the sources a bit and look how it works. thanks!

Not to be confused with https://github.com/zeit/ncc

Awesome work!

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