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Online Tracking: A 1M-site Measurement and Analysis (2016) [pdf] (randomwalker.info)
60 points by luu 3 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

2016 paper - but still an interesting read. It's a good reminder of the ever-evolving techniques and schemes to track users. Browsers are becoming more and more complex - and this makes way for novel ways to ID users.

- WebRTC: reveals local IP addresses - even if you're behind a VPN

- AudioContext: Allows audio fingerprinting similar to the canvas trick

- Cookie Syncing: always wondered how it worked. Gets around the Same Origin checks - and is the primary way you get served ads across sites

Thank goodness for pi.hole.... I think that is by far the most effective way to cut out the crap you get served on the web...

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