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Fwiw, Android actually does do this. When the phone is unlocked, calls show up as a banner. In addition, they added that new call screening option, I've been using it and so far it has worked fairly well. Also, there is some built-in call filtering and third party apps as well, though I have mostly been able to rely on the built-in filtering.

Does iOS really not have any options for filtering? I swear last time I had an iPhone (running iOS9) there was Something... but then again, I was jailbroken.

It's a bit funny that we got full web browsers on phones before proper call filtering.

(Disclaimer: I work for Google but not on phones.)

iOS has had the ability to block certain numbers for a while. iOS 11 adds IdentityLookup, a framework for blocking unwanted calls and messages.

i was jailbroken made me think of i was heartbroken :-)

Excellent, I'll add this to the article. No idea why my post went from #1 on HN to the third page in under 30 minutes, I thought we were having a fruitful discussion here

Not sure if this has been mentioned but Android's DnD mode allows granular settings including blocking non-contact calls: https://i.imgur.com/ZcRSXlK.png

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