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This annoyance is three-fold when a call from your iPhone also takes over your iPad screen and rings on your MacBook.

Indeed, which points out another UI problem: as far as I can tell there's no way to link the Mac/ipad calling to your phone (so it'll use the phone network to make a call) without enabling ringing on incoming calls. Thus I simply disabled this otherwise quite useful feature.

I turned off the feature that shows calls on my MacBook because of this. It's nice that the UI shows "Scam Likely" as the caller, but maybe give me an option to filter out those calls entirely? Let them go to voicemail or something... who is answering the phone when the caller is unknown and identified by the UI as "Scam Likely"?

That's a T-Mobile feature, not an Apple feature, and you can change your settings to block the calls instead of just ID'ing them.


Awesome, thanks. I enabled it. That should cut down on at least ~40% of the junk calls I get.

Yes! I would even go so far as to say if the caller isn't in my phonebook let them go to voicemail. Or at least give me the option in settings. If I don't know who's calling they're getting my voicemail 100% of the time.

Elsewhere in the replies it was suggested that you put your phone on Do Not Disturb and configure it to allow calls from your contacts to get through. That might be a hacky solution?

Just in case - you can turn this option off.

I agree it is the worst.

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