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I'd like to recommend Logic 2010[1], a application with which you can do logic exercises to learn the natural deduction system from *"Logic: Techniques of Formal Reasoning" by Kalish, Montague, and Mar.[2]

The program is officially only for MacOS and Windows, but with a little work it's possible to get it running on Linux, as it's just Java.

The exercises are fun, and the program will not only check your work to make sure it's right, but also point out where and sometimes why it's wrong.

[1] - https://logiclx.humnet.ucla.edu/Logic/Download

[2] - https://www.amazon.com/Logic-Techniques-Reasoning-Donald-Kal...

Oh man, brings back memories. I used an earlier version of this program as a philosophy undergrad at UCLA in the early 2000s. I LOVED doing the homework in my logic classes!

I'm assuming that program is more approachable than something like Coq or others? I used ACL2 a bit in college, and could imagine people being frustrated trying to learn it on their own.

It's infinitely more approachable than Coq/PVS or whatever other theorem prover since it was designed for teaching and not a research tool or potential application to actually verifying properties of complex systems.

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