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Powering Your ThinkPad with USB C (kubakuzma.com)
5 points by qoobaa on Dec 25, 2018 | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

I have used many adapters to achieve it before, ctoc cable + ZY1276(there is an newer version ZY1280 now) + usba to dc cable + dc to thinkpad adapter. Just because of lacking soldering skills...

My current powerbank is ZMI 10 20000mAh with 45w usb-c port output. There is also a powerbank called quanhan pd20000 which can offer 65w. I'm currently using this hack mostly with my surface, althrough recently yzxstudio has made some surface-to-usbc adapters.

nice. i may make one of these to use with my old X1C so i can charge it with the charger for my new one (i also charge my phone off it)

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