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Indexing into a List

    sub lookup ( List \xs, Int \index ){…}
Make sure the index is valid.

    sub lookup ( List \xs, Int \index where 0 ..^ xs.elems ){…}
The `where` clause gets attached to the `Int` typecheck.


I think it may also apply if you have other limitations that you need to check regularly, like making sure that strings fit into a database.

    sub foo ( Str \name where .chars ≤ 256 ){…}
Which Perl6 has the ability to give that a name as if it was a type so that it can be reused.

    subset DB-Str of Str where .chars ≤ 256;

    sub foo ( DB-Str \name ){…}

    my DB-Str $name = '';

    $name = 'a' x 10000;
    # Typecheck error

One use of this feature is to implement the UInt type (This is almost exactly how it is implemented in the Rakudo implementation of Perl6)

    subset UInt of Int where {$_ >= 0};

Then again I've never read any that talk about Perl6 as already having that feature; so maybe I'm mistaken.

I would guess that they are talking about something slightly different. (That often seems to be the case)

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