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Ask HN: Are you selling your stock?
4 points by jacquesm 54 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments
With the stockmarket as volatile as it has been recently, are stock savvy HN'ers on the buying or the selling side? I have no dog in the race at the moment (fortunately), but I can't help but wonder how people here respond to the daily dose of the roller-coaster.

Mostly no, though I am doing some loss-harvesting: selling stocks to take a loss and buying highly-correlated equivalent stocks or ETFs, so that I don't lose out on gains (because timing when to buy back is a bad idea). e.g., selling INTU and buying XLK. Something like http://www.sectorspdr.com/sectorspdr/tools/correlation-track... is useful to find high (0.7 or greater) correlations.

This is a fake sell off. Good time to add was today, but I didn't. Still looking to find a follow through tomorrow/Friday.

Nope. I just want to keep buying. Companies that provide value will always have lows, and those are the times to get in.

No. That doesn’t mean I won’t be surprised if it goes down more, just that I am sure I’d do a bad job deciding when to buy back in.

Nope. Buy and hold long strategy

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