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While skimming the record of the questioned company, I noticed that several names listed there are actually the ones of other (existing) companies. For example, "中電光谷聯合控股有限公司" ("China Electronics Optics Valley Union Holding Company Limited") is a public company listed on HKEx.

So, my guess is that something is wrong with the data scraping?


Note: Some googling reveals that the company ("PREMIER DRAGON DEVELOPMENT LIMITED") is a manufacturer / exporter of women's underwear, with 1-5 employees.

Author here. The scraping is correct :) But you found something that's common on the registry: companies with very similar names, or even identical names at different times, even if they're completely unrelated (which they might or might not be here). However, I think you might have found an interesting connection...

There are three companies in the situation you describe:

* Good old Premier Dragon (0650420), which decided between 2016-09-08 and 2016-10-20 to be called China Electronics Optics Valley Union Holding Company Limited 中電光谷聯合控股有限公司. (You can check the original record from my site https://dataguru.hk/hkcompany?crno=0650420 by clicking on the company number near the top of the page, which activates some Javascript to trick Hong Kong's Companies Registry to show you the record, hence why I can't post a direct link to it here or on dataguru.hk).

* A slightly older company, 0581220, changed to CHINA ELECTRONICS OPTICS VALLEY UNION COMPANY LIMITED 中電光谷聯合有限公司 on its 20th anniversary in 2016-12-13. Notice the slightly different name, actually.

* A Cayman Islands-registered company, China Electronics Optics Valley Union Holding Company Limited 中電光谷聯合控股有限公司, which only got that name on 2016-09-30, during 0650420's tenure with this name. This company is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange under symbol 0798. Its major shareholdings are public, and also available on my website, in this case here: https://dataguru.hk/hkexdisclosures_corporation?corporation=....

One reason I think you've found an interesting connection and that these companies are related is that you can see from the last link is that a major shareholder of the listed company is AAA Finance and Investment Holdings Limited, a BVI company... but company 0581220, a Hong Kong company, was called AAA FINANCE & INVESTMENT LIMITED 三A銀信投資有限公司 before it switched to China Electronics etc.

Wow. Thank you. I will include this as an addendum to my blog post!

"Unavailability of Electronic Search Services (e-Search Services) under the Integrated Companies Registry Information System (ICRIS)

Due to technical problems, electronic search services under ICRIS has been temporarily suspended. Urgent action is being taken to investigate and recover the system. We apologize for any inconvenience caused"

Looks like they took the system down after seeing this. Also, they're using lang=zh instead of lang=zh-hk or zh-hant... that font though :(

As for the premier dragon company, isn't it typical for Chinese companies to have names unrelated to their business, but which sounds good to stick investees who wants to invest in IT?

Sounds like I should rename my current startup, frobx.ai to “Enormously Profitable in Multiple Lines of Business”

Well there was the famous example of Long Island Ice Tea's stock soaring when they renamed to Long Blockchain.

Ha, I was making a joke but that is an excellent real world example!

Well, frobx doesn't exactly roll off the tongue ;)

On that topic Nokia was a pulp mill and rubber company...

And still are. Its one of the oldest Finnish companies and their technological branch is still just a very young part of a longer history.

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