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I've only read part of it, but it seems great so far! I always appreciate the clarity and practicality y'all at the JGL take.

I'm amazed that the implementation was under 1500 LOC! Was that the research prototype or the shipped preview?

Congratulations on the VLDB paper! Hopefully I'll come say "hi" in LA :)

Thank you.

The shipped preview has only a bit more than 1500LOC.

The VLDB paper was presented at Rio in Aug this year already, but I'll try to come over to LA anyways :)

Karthik, I'm no Spark expert but almost all advice I read is to avoid UDFs if at all possible. Examples below:

- https://medium.com/teads-engineering/spark-performance-tunin... - https://www.inovex.de/blog/efficient-udafs-with-pyspark/

Thank you for those pointers.

There are definitely some differences between the kind of UDFs that Spark supports and the kind that Froid handles. For one, Spark UDFs cannot invoke a Spark SQL query in their definition AFAIK, whereas TSQL functions can. But still, some techniques might be applicable. Definitely worth digging further!

Doh! Guess I should've checked. I didn't make it to Rio last year... Figured I was gonna miss a bunch of good stuff.

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