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I am not an expert but on your oversimplification on the ‘High energy = higher wavelength’

Whilst this is true, it is also a bit irrelevant. Gamma rays are higher energy than visible light but you don’t need to focus gamma radiation (should that be easily possible) to start a fire, you can do it with visible light; or infrared light (which is lower wavelength again) at a high enough qanta

I don't have much to add, but I believe the poster you are replying to said that 'High energy = shorter wavelength'.

Equivalently, higher energy photons are higher frequency.

Higher energy = lower wavelength is not oversimplification. The formula is: photon energy is plank constan times speed of light divided by wavelength. You right - you don’t need gamma rays, but you cannot do it with low frequency radio waves. You need photons that energetic enough to break chemical bonds.

Depends on what you consider low frequency. Radio waves can be used to excite vibrational modes. The resultant thermal energy can be used to break chemical bonds.

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