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> How is that not fraud?

The answer appears to be "technically", and "sue if you think you're big enough".

I would be interested in suing them if they have a page up for me. How do I tell if they do?

We're shipping changes tomorrow that will fix the problems with these overlays to make it clear unverified creators are not part of Brave Rewards and won't be receiving tips directly. You can read about them here: https://brave.com/rewards-update/

We don't publish pages for creators at all. We did ship bad UI in our browser that didn't make it clear to opted in users that non-verified creators like yourself aren't part of Brave Rewards.

We're pushing up fixes tomorrow that (we hope) make it a lot clearer: https://brave.com/rewards-update/

(Sidenote: Thank you for the Hedge Maze puzzles in the Keep. They were a gaming highlight for me last year.)

Is it okay if I tip you some BATs?

Fraud is a criminal offense. It needs a prosecutor, not a plaintiff.

In the US legal system there are both criminal and civil forms of fraud. A plaintiff can sue for fraud in civil court, seeking damages or specific performance.

Really? In Europe, if an offense has both civil and criminal forms, criminal courts are authorised for both forms of said offense, difference lying in procedure instead.

Yes really. I doubt that applies to all countries in Europe. The UK legal system is similar to the American one.

US criminal courts can order defendants convicted of fraud to pay restitution to their victims.

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