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Ive been following grocery delivery automation since the days of "Publix direct" back in the late 90's in Seattle. I believe it was microsoft that partnered with them to order groceries straight from a smart fridge, the MS Home had one of these. I was recently reading an article on Bill Smith, CEO of Shipt which was acquired by target for 550 Million a year back. What I could not for the life of me figure out, was how that company was profitable, they charge 99$ a year, for unlimited grocery delivery, how is that profitable? After looking at their glassdoor entry, I believe its due in part to labor rates being very low which wont be sustainable in the long term and I believe is why he sold to Target. Anyhow, this automated delivery by NURO could be something although a bit ahead of its time, as cities just arent ready for autonomous vehicles just yet. I dont see why the grocery stores havent caught onto this though, and adopted a take-out system only where orderes are placed online and robots put the orders together, for bulk pickup. The battle of grocery stores isnt the time to pick up the groceries, but the time it takes to shop for what you need, parking, checkout out.

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