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ELI5: what makes vaping more dangerous or concerning than say coffee or energy drinks?

The withdrawal symptoms are far worse, for one.

If you go off caffeine, you're drowsy for a few days, no big deal.

If you go off nicotine, you're condemning yourself to months or years of craving that never fully goes away: the physiological components of nicotine addiction are more or less permanent.

That's just off the top of my head. I wouldn't be surprised if there are detrimental dosage effects of nicotine that caffeine doesn't have.

I quit smoking daily (at least half a pack per day) for 3 years straight,and it was "cold turkey" as they say.

Once I quit,I felt a bit uncomfortable like a very mild headache(almost background annoyance) for about two weeks and that was all there was to it. Now,I've never been addicted to caffeine even though I drink espresso shots daily for weeks and for a few more weeks might not drink any caffeine,so I have no frame of reference for comparison.

Stress does still cause me to be tempted but it's no worse than being tempted to eat fast food.

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