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It was thought of, and built, in the past [1]. Most infrastructure-scale systems were abandoned for cost, maintenance, and operational reasons. And this was back when urban areas were more compact relative to their population, and not in an age like today when sprawling networks of government-subsidized, high-quality roadways reaching from an urban core far out into low-density areas are available for all to use for minimal cost.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pneumatic_tube

One of the most useful large systems of that type is the garbage pneumatic tube system on Roosevelt Island in New York. That was installed in the 1980s and has worked well. But big systems are rare. Disney World and the Grand Mosque area in Mecca have them, both being places with very large numbers of visitors.

>abandoned for cost, maintenance, and operational reasons

Because they didnt have the methods, systems, etc that we have avail today... We should look at this again.

I would pose, that the "random scooter rental" algo would do well within this space...

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